Group notifications for ticket tasks now working

This year we had submitted a ticket because we found that when we assigned ticket tasks to a group instead of an individual that it wasn't working (the individual member of the group were not gettting email notifications about the ticket tasks).  At the time we were told that it was not going to be fixed and it was designed to work that way.

Just today I received a ticket task notification for a group assignment so we tested it again today and found that it is now working.

My question is, will it continue to work this way?  I would like to notify our users of this change because they will definitely want to make use of it but I want to make sure it's going to stay this way before I let them know.

Thank you.

Asked by Kimberly Lawrence on Fri 10/2/15 12:08 PM
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Jamey Stock Fri 10/2/15 12:43 PM

Hi Kimberly,

We're glad to hear that group notifications are working as expected, and they should continue to work this way. Please let us know if you experience any further issues and we will look into it.

Jamey Stock

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