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We went on TeamDynamix prior to the Ticket Applications feature existing.  When we launched we did it with 3 separate departments sharing the same ticketing application.  We separate things out using a prefix on the Ticket Type and Ticket Type Category  (for example "IT - Accounts and Passwords"  or "Marketing - Digital Media").   Now that separate ticketing applications are possible I would like to move each department into their own ticketing application.  Can TD help us move the existing data from the old ticketing application into the new separate ones for each department?   The move would be based on which ticket category the tickets are assigned to.   Thank you.


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Asked by Mike Rocke on Fri 10/2/15 9:44 AM Last edited Fri 10/2/15 10:36 AM
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Jamey Stock Fri 10/2/15 11:41 AM

Hi Mike,

After the introduction of multiple ticketing applications, we noticed that users may have difficulty with the interaction of each of these apps. We have roadmapped the ability to transfer tickets between applications and it is scheduled for the 9.2 version, which does not yet have a release date. However, we currently do not have any way for this functionality to occur.

If you would like to transfer these tickets before the 9.2 release, we may be able to have an engineer write a custom script for you that moves your tickets across applications. You can request this with the following service: 


I hope this helps clear everything up, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.

Jamey Stock

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Kris Kennedy Fri 10/2/15 11:36 AM

Hello Mike, 

You are correct, it sounds like leveraging Ticket Application segments would be the right move. We can surely discuss this further and move you in that direction. I've sent you a message offline to discuss this further. 




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