How can I tell if the Survey Request emailed out of the system?

We just started using Surveys, I can see a list of when Responses were requested, but how can I tell if they actually were emailed out of the system?

I'm asking because no one has responded or contacted our Service Desk asking if this was valid.

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Asked by Kathy Holman on Fri 10/2/15 7:50 AM Last edited Fri 10/2/15 9:29 AM
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Kris Kennedy Fri 10/2/15 11:17 AM

Hello Kathy, 

There are two ways to check this the first would be by visiting the survey and looking at the Responses tab, which is seems you have done. The second is looking at the Overview tab, you'll see the outstanding number of surveys (in the attached example it is 8). You mentioned that you have not seen any responses yet, have those you're sending surveys to confirmed they are not receiving? Please test this out and let me know. 





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