Reports Unable to Search Non-Employees

I have a report in which I am attempting to exclude certain individuals that are no longer working with our IT department. Essentially, when I add filtering to a report of "Prim Resp" with operator "is not one of" and attempt to select the old employee's name, they do not show up in the search results. I even have the search filtered to both "Employees" and Non Employees" and "Active Users" and "Inactive Users", but don't return any results. I am, however, able to find the user by performing a search within the People tab, so I know that this user exists.

This issue was not occurring in 8.6 and below. I was able to search and add non-employees just fine and add them to this report. It started with 9.0 and is still occurring on our test environment of 9.1.

I've attached screenshots. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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Asked by Taylor Averdick on Thu 10/1/15 4:04 PM
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Jamey Stock Fri 10/2/15 11:00 AM

Hi Taylor,

We apologize for an inconvenience this may have caused you in reporting. Just to make sure, were you able to find the user via the People application in the 9.1 test environment or were you checking against production? Test environments and production have separate datasets, and so a user being visible in one environment does not guarantee existence in others.

Please let us know where the user was accessed via the People application or if there is anything else we can do to assist you.

Jamey Stock

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Taylor Averdick Fri 10/2/15 11:05 AM


I performed the actions in both the production environment and the test environment. In both instances, the individuals would show up when searched in the People application, but did not appear when searching to add them to the report filtering.

The only reason I attempted to use the test environment was to see if this bug was fixed in the 9.1 build of TD.

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