Custom attributes not listed in the Issue filter.

If I click on the Issue filter button and then select Custom Fields nothing is listed although we have custom attributes define. (see attachment)
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Asked by Nancy Fisher on Fri 9/25/15 3:17 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 9/25/15 3:26 PM

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for reporting this. We will be reporting this via the initial ticket you submitted. We will update you once the issue has been resolved.

Mark Sayers

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Matt Sayers Wed 10/7/15 4:10 PM

Hi Nancy,

I see what you are saying. Unfortunately this is more a function of how custom attribute filtering works in general. Most custom attribute filters for search pages in TeamDynamix only support attributes which can have choices, like dropdowns/checkbox lists/radio button lists/multiselects.

There are a few places where we have added textbox and textarea filters into the search filters, like Report Builder, ticket searches and TDNext issue searches, but they have never been in the client portal issue searches.

If you would like, I can make an enhancement for to add them to the issue search in Client as well.

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Nancy Fisher Wed 10/7/15 4:04 PM

There are now values displayed but not the correct ones.  Please see the attachement.

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Matt Sayers Tue 10/6/15 5:52 PM

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your patience on this issue. This has been resolved. Please take a look at the Issue search in the Client Portal and verify when you get the chance.

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