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When we reject an approval in the Ticketing Workflow it rejects the stage. Is there a way to have any approver approve or reject the stage.
Thus allowing other approvers to either approve or reject in the same stage.

Our end goal would be to have multiple approvals or rejections on the stage.

Kevin Cook is working on this with me and we have tried all the possibilities and have not been able to achieve this goal.

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Asked by Arnold Thiebaud on Mon 9/21/15 6:42 PM Last edited Tue 9/22/15 9:27 AM
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Jamey Stock Tue 9/22/15 9:57 AM

Hi Arnold,

You can configure this behavior my adding multiple workflow steps to a created stage. First, you can create a stage through the Admin tool by locating Ticketing Applications > Tickets > Ticket Workflows, selecting the workflow you would like to edit, and clicking on the Stages tab.

You can create as many stages as you need, and they can be ordered with drag and drop functionality. If you would like to create default stages, you can click on the Default Ticket Workflow Stages section that appears directly above Ticket Workflows.

Next, you can set up all the steps that you would like to occur on the created stage. For each of these steps, ensure that Allow Item Approval/Rejection is NOT checked, as this allows a step to cause the ticket as a whole to be approved/rejected.

In addition, the appropriate Stage should be selected for each of these Approval steps. If you have the Approval Mode specified as Any, then only one of the Approvers needs to take action for the workflow step. If you have it set to All, then the step will not be complete until all approvers have taken action on the item.

It should be noted that groups are treated as a single entity in workflows, and so one user taking action will be considered as having the entire group take action on the step. If you specify multiple workflow steps on the same stage and order them appropriately, you should be able to have multiple workflow steps that are a part of the same stage.

I hope this helps explain how workflow steps work, and aids you in configuring ticketing workflows appropriately. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Jamey Stock

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