Sample Branch and Collector Workflows

I was wondering if TeamDynamix has or would be willing to provide a little more detailed explanation of the new workflow "branch" and "collector" step types?

In particular, a commented screenshot demonstrating the use of each type contrasted against how it may have been done previously would be helpful.

I reviewed the existing documentation, "Types of Ticketing Workflow Steps,"but feel the exact use and benefits of "branch" and "collector" steps could be made clearer.


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Asked by Adam Smith on Fri 9/18/15 3:16 PM
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Phil Curl Mon 9/21/15 3:38 PM

Hi Adam,

I added a Knowledge Base article which provides further detail into the use of and differentiation between branch and collector steps: Take a look and let us know if this provides the clarity you were looking for.

Phil Curl

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I would also like to have this clarified, but your link is dead. Can you fix it so that I can see the KB article you added providing further detail into the use of the branch and collector steps?
"Article Not Found - The article has been moved, deleted, or converted, or you do not have appropriate permission to view it."
- Sarah Glatz Wed 10/26/22 11:45 AM
Information on a Branch step for ticket workflows can be found here:

and information for a Collector step can be found here:
- Mark Sayers Wed 10/26/22 1:24 PM