Changing Weeks for a Timesheet

Is there no way to point a particular week's timesheet to another week, without redoing it entirely for that week?

I have folks who accidentally complete a timesheet for the wrong week and when I send it back to them, their only recourse is to re-do it from scratch for the correct week.

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Asked by Sameer Jaleel on Wed 9/16/15 10:51 AM
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Phil Curl Wed 9/16/15 10:57 AM

Hi Sameer,

It is not currently possible to copy a timesheet from one week to another. The only way to do this without starting from scratch is to edit each individual time entry and modify the date to the correct week. This will keep all other details about the time entry and will simply update the date. If you'd like, I can add the ability to copy time reports as a feature request on your behalf if you'd like.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Phil Curl

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David Veits Thu 4/14/16 12:58 PM

Unfortunately, it appears that Phil's answer is no longer correct.  Time entries can only be moved within the week they were originally entered, therefore requiring employees to re-enter every time entry in the intended week.  See attachment for example.

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