Associating tickets to Projects

Is it possible to associate a Ticket to a Project? For example, work was done in a ticket, but later it was determined that they ticket/work should have been associated with an existing project. I got the feeling this was possible when I looked at someone's project plan and saw this legend at the button.

Burr Watters

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Asked by Burr Watters on Fri 9/11/15 9:40 AM
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Phil Curl Fri 9/11/15 9:46 AM

Hi Burr,

You can convert a ticket to a project. However, doing so does not reassociate the user's time from the ticket to the project. The icon in the image you are referring to is used to denote a task on a project that was converted to a ticket. This is the best way to associate a ticket to a project. But, as I mentioned, it does not reassociate the user's time to the project itself. I hope this helps add some clarity. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Phil Curl

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