Analysis, Actual Hours Report for Tickets

I created a report under Analysis, Actual Hours for tickets.  I am filtering the report down to a specific group of techs.  My goal is to get actual hours by person for a date range spent on just tickets, including the type & category.  I can get the actual hours no problem.  Where I'm stuck is getting the ticket type category.  I can get the ticket type, but can't find category in the list of available fields.  

Am I missing it, or is there another way to go about doing this?

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Asked by Mike Rocke on Tue 9/1/15 6:11 PM
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Phil Curl Wed 9/2/15 3:38 PM

Hi Mike,

Ticket Type Category is not an available column when creating an Actual Hours Report. In order to access this field, you would need to create a Ticket Report instead. If you have any questions about how this could be implemented, just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Phil Curl

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