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I am creating some reports in the Tickets application that look at the amount of time it took to respond to and to resolve a ticket.

I found the "Responded By" date field.  I think it means the first date a technician responds to a user via the ticket, however I found a few tickets with odd dates for this field.  For example:

Ticket opened January 15th
Tech first responded to user January 21st 
Ticket stayed open for several months with numerous additional updates, finally closed June 16th.

The Responded By field on my report for this ticket says April 30th (?)

I looked back through the ticket history and the ticket was put on hold April 21st set to come off hold April 30th.  The user wasn't contacted again until May 7th.

Do I misunderstand the definition of Responded By, or is something else going on here?


Hi Mike,

When doing ticketing reporting, there are three separate columns which are similarly-named, yet contain different data reagrding ticket responses. There are the following three fields that can be returned as a column/used as a filter in reports:

  • Respond By: The "Respond By" date that is defined by the ticket's Service Level Agreement (SLA). Tickets with no assigned SLA will have a blank entry in this column.
  • Responded By: The individual who responded to a ticket. This column will be blank if nobody has responded to the associated ticket.
  • Responded Date: The date that an individual first responded to a ticket. This will only display if a user responded to the ticket, otherwise it will be blank.

In addition, the Resolve By fields have identical information, although it references the Resolve By date of the associated SLA. I hope this helps clear everything up regarding ticketing reports.

If you have any further questions about Respond By information or would like additional clarification, please let us know.

Jamey Stock


Do the Responded By and Responded Date fields apply to the end-user or client updating the ticket, or also a technician updating a ticket?


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Asked by Mike Rocke on Tue 9/1/15 6:11 PM
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Jamey Stock Thu 9/3/15 10:42 AM

Hi Mike,

The Responded By/Responded Date fields entirely depend on the ticket's status class. A ticket is not considered to have a Response until its Status has been updated to something of the In Process or Completed status classes. The individual who performs this action will appear for the Responded By field, while the time of action will be the value for the Responded Date field.

For the most part this action will be performed by a technician who is responsible for processing the ticket. However, anybody who has the ability to update the ticket status may appear in this field. In short, this field does not account for the type of user who performed the action. The only users who may appear for this reporting are those who have permissions configured to allow them to update the status of the ticket.

I hope this clears everything up, please let us know if you would like further clarification or there is anything else we can do for you.

Jamey Stock

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