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I have a question that I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction on. I'd like to utilize ID numbers for all of our Tickets and Project Tasks (the goal is to generate a number/identifier for all tickets/tasks to uniform the naming convention for our products. I know that the "Tickets" function generates an ID # when you create a ticket, and perhaps I'm typing it in the top navigation search bar wrong, but anytime I enter a ticket ID # into the search bar in the TD top navigation it doesn't pull up the Ticket record. I have the same issue if I try searching a task ID #. Am I searching in the wrong place? I want to start using this ID system but I don't want to roll out Project/Ticket ID numbers if no one can search for them.

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Asked by Amy Lowery on Wed 8/26/15 12:00 PM
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Phil Curl Wed 8/26/15 12:31 PM

Hi Amy,

The ticket and task ID's can be found right under the title of the task or ticket on that item's detail page. To search for a ticket with the ticket ID, you can click on the ticketing application that ticket belongs to and use the search input in the top, right corner of that page. The placeholder text of the search reads, "Ticket ID". You just have to press enter once you've typed in your ticket ID, and the search will open that ticket in a separate window. It is currently not possible to search for a task by ID unless that task has been converted to a ticket. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know.

Phil Curl

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