Is it possible to assign a ticket task to more than one person?

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Asked by Michael Fiszlewicz on Fri 8/21/15 10:06 AM
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Phil Curl Fri 8/21/15 10:11 AM

Hi Michael,

You can assign a group to a ticket task which will make anyone in that group responsible for the task. However, you cannot assign multiple people as separate resources on that task. I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any further questions.

Phil Curl

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Matt Sayers Sat 10/17/15 9:58 AM

Hi Chris,

As Phil said, tickets and ticket tasks can only have individual or group responsibility.

The recommended approach in this scenario is to make two ticket tasks or have group responsibility. 

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Chris Collins Sat 10/17/15 6:57 AM

Phil, the problem with this response is that is appears that a task assigned to a group shows up in everyone's "My Assignments" until the first person on the team "Adds" the task to their workflow, then the task only shows up for that one user instead of everyone in the group, and it changes the responsibility for the task to just that one person, which is not the desired outcome.  

Are there other solutions or work-arounds?  

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