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We would like to send surveys automatically at the close of each project. We located the ability to set up surveys and send automatically for tickets but not for projects. Does this functionality exist in the current product or are surveys relegated to tickets?

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Asked by Meredith Baily on Mon 8/3/15 2:25 PM
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Kris Kennedy Mon 8/3/15 4:18 PM

Hello Meredith, 

Surveys exist in the Projects application as well. However these are not sent out automatically, but are selected at the point of project closure. This is a function that only the project manger can perform.

To accomplish this:

1. First manage  or create the Surveys that you'll need within the Projects application. These will be separate from those in the Tickets app. To create Surveys, Open Projects Application | New | Surveys. Here all survey creation will begin. To manage those surveys already created, Open Projects Application | Settings | Surveys. Here surveys will be modified. 

2. To select survey and request participation, this is all in the Project closure window. There is a section titled "Request Feedback" within there you can select the survey from the dropdown list. All active surveys will show as an option to select. Additionally the participants of whom survey request should be sent to can be selected, as desired. If there are those that the survey request should be sent to, but are not represented in the "participants" section they can be populated in the "Other people" field.  Please see attached file showing this section of the closure window. 

Please let me know how I can assist you further with this. 



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