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I am trying to write a report that will give me the percentage of our tickets that were entered as first call resolution. I can not seem to get a report item to really show incidents that were resolved or closed by the technician while putting in the the ticket. 

The only idea I can come up with is to create a custom attribute and have that be put on every single ticket type. Is there a better way to do this? 

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Asked by Patrick Lisk on Fri 7/24/15 8:51 AM
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Gerard Hennelly Tue 8/4/15 10:15 AM Last edited Tue 8/4/15 10:16 AM

Hi Patrick,

Instead of adding an attribute, and therefore another field for your technicians to worry about, perhaps you could just create a new Ticketing Status of "1st call resolved" (or whatever you want to call it).

As long as institutionally you have a clear definition of when this status would be used it should give you what you want.

To do this you would go to ADMIN>Ticketing Applications>Specific Application>Statuses>New

I imagine you would select "Completed" for the Class.

Hope this helps,


Gerard Hennelly


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