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Is there a way to change the appearance (bold, italicize, etc...) of the text for either a default field or custom field? 


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Asked by Jeremy Luring on Thu 6/4/15 10:00 AM Last edited Tue 10/25/16 11:47 AM
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Phil Curl Mon 6/8/15 5:00 PM

Hi Jeremy,

There is currently no way to change the text styling of default or custom fields. The reason for this is to allow us to maintain a consistent overall appearance of all form fields, regardless of whether that field is a custom one generated by the user, or one we've written ourselves. I hope this helps.

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Jeremy Luring Tue 6/9/15 4:21 PM


Thanks for the answer.  Do you know of any feature requests in to make this an available option going forward?

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