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I'm running out of ideas on how to write a report that will show me the list of all tickets with all tasks completed that are not resolved or closed without seeing duplicate ticket names in the report.  I used the ticket tasks report to create this because I didn't see any way that the ticket report could accomplish this. Can anyone help with this one?



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Asked by Jeremy Luring on Thu 5/28/15 4:15 PM
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Jeremy Luring Wed 6/3/15 9:48 AM

Thanks Kris.  We have determined that for what we want to accomplish with this particular scenario, we are going to need to create a workflow and run a report on the workflow step(s) in order to view the level of detail we wish to see.  It's difficult for me to explain however the ticket tasks report doesn't give us the results we're looking for.

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Kris Kennedy Tue 6/2/15 1:34 PM

Hello Jeremy,

You are correct in running this as a Ticket Task Report. The duplicate ticket name issue you are having is somewhat escaping me... Each task "resides" within a ticket, therefore if there are multiple tasks within that ticket the ticket name will appear in the report each time. In the report builder you are able to remove the "Ticket" column. The same amount of entires will exist but you will not see the ticket name at all. 

Also I want to clarify some things for you, a ticket task does not have status. Rather it is measured but the percent complete. However the ticket itself does have a status. Two columns I would advise adding to your report are "Ticket Status" and "% Complete". You can then filter out around the completeness of these two columns. 

Let me know if I can assist and further with this.



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