Feed Entries - Can you toggle a default setting to automatically make it public or private

When assigning an item to My Work the feed entry announcing the addition is private.  Is it possible to make it public by default?  The service requestor could use this as a notification that the service request has been assigned.

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Asked by Chuck Renninger on Mon 5/18/15 2:34 PM Last edited Tue 5/19/15 3:36 PM
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Jason Ehmann Tue 5/19/15 3:36 PM

Hello Chuck,

There is a setting on each ticketing application within your TeamDynamix environment which will allow you to decide whether you want all updates and comments to be made public or private by default.  Keep in mind that this is an all or none setting so any comments/updates will be made public automatically if the setting is configured that way.

Admin>Ticketing Application>select application>settings

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Does this functionality exist in the PPM tool? - Brittany Coyne Tue 6/23/20 9:44 AM
Hello Brittany, that's a really great question, but unfortunately there is not such a toggle like that for the PPM side of TeamDynamix. I'd suggest putting in an enhancement request personally as that would be a nice feature to have on that side of the "house" as well. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/23/20 10:09 AM