Can a User with a Client License Type be Responsible for a task in TD?

Can I add a User with a client license to a task on a project plan or to a task on a ticket?

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Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 4/23/15 1:51 PM Last edited Tue 6/23/15 2:24 PM
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Answers (2)

Marcus Demas Thu 4/23/15 1:51 PM

As of Version 9.0, Client Licensed Users can be made responsible for tasks on a project plan, but cannot be responsible for individual tasks on a ticket, nor can they be responsible for a task within a task template in regards to a ticket. 

Clients can however be an approver of a step in a ticket workflow, but if that step is set as a task step, then the client cannot be responsible for it. 

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Jason Ehmann Tue 6/23/15 2:23 PM

Before a licensed client can be added to a task they must be added to the project as a resource.  This can be done by selecting the resource tab via the project detail page.  Once the client has been added to the project, anyone with permission to edit the project plan can assign them to a task.

It is important to note several things:

1. The client user must have access to the project application.  You can provide users access to applications via their  record in admin.

2. Client users who are assigned to tasks can only make a comment.  They do not have the ability to update the tasks status.

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