Who can be an email recipient for a report?

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Asked by John Borwick on Wed 4/22/15 8:55 AM
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Jennifer Altman Fri 5/17/19 10:41 AM

So - I'm not sure if anyone will see the follow up question I have to this post, but hopefully someone at TD will.  I have written a report that I need to send to a director that has the license type "Client"  When I try to setup the email delivery, I am only given options of those that have a license type that allows them access to the TDNext system. 

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Hello Jennifer,

Since this is a super old question thread I'm not sure if the answers posted here are still valid, however you *can* set report deliveries to email Clients IF you configure it from an Analysis report. Have you tried that?
- Mark Sayers Fri 5/17/19 10:42 AM
Hello Mark,

I just attempted to modify existing Analysis ticket reports we have that deliver to Clients and we can only select from TDNext enabled users now. The reports still show the original Client users that were assigned when they were created, but attempting to add new Client recipients is a no-go.
- Adam Smith Fri 5/17/19 11:16 AM
Sorry about that, we implemented a change to the report delivery capabilities back at the end of March. This change shored up a loop whole wherein Client users could be selected for receipt of TDX reports. Apparently they were never supposed to be selectable, but they *had* been selectable for quite a while, so people went ahead and took advantage of the loophole. This was reviewed and determined by our Product Team that only TDNext users should be allowed to receive report deliveries. You might consider just delivering the report to a known TDNext user who can then set up an email-forwarding rule for that report to get it to the director. - Mark Sayers Fri 5/17/19 11:52 AM
I do want to note that you *could* just create a desktop that contains the custom reports in question that the director needs to see. Then make that desktop public and share the link with them. Even Analysis reports should show up on the desktop. The only things that don't show up on shared desktops are those reports which are not custom built by you and were included in the system. - Mark Sayers Fri 5/17/19 2:07 PM
This now 'closed' loophole took me a long time to find as I knew I was using it. So the second I take off a 'client', I can't put the new person in the role to get the report. Are the existing clients getting their reports delivered or not? - Anita Barrett Thu 5/23/19 12:05 PM
I believe if they are on the list currently they should get the reports still, but no you will not be able to add any more clients as report recipients. You could confirm though by working with one of your current clients who receive such reports and ask them to confirm if they receive them on the specified schedule or not. - Mark Sayers Thu 5/23/19 12:07 PM

Brandon Montgomery Tue 4/28/15 11:23 AM

Thanks for the answer, Gerard. In general, what Gerard says is true and is a good rule-of-thumb. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I'd like to further clarify because it's slightly more complicated.

The owner of a report can schedule delivery of a report to any active user.

If you are not the owner of a report, but you have access to it, you can still have the report delivered automatically. In this situation, you will only be able to select recipients who have to the application in which the report was created. For example, if Bob creates a report in the Analysis application, but you (John) would like to schedule delivery of that report, you may choose any user who has access to the Analysis application as the recipient.

I hope that helps!

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Gerard Hennelly Tue 4/28/15 10:27 AM

Hi John,

Anyone with access to the Analysis application can receive scheduled emails for reports.

Gerard Hennelly

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