How do I properly apply a project baseline?

Applying a baseline on the entire project to capture a snapshot of the start/end date, expenses, and hours is very easy. A manager of the project can click on Actions button and apply a baseline, and these can then be viewed from the baseline tab within the project. 

However, how does one apply a baseline within a project plan?


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Asked by Marcus Demas on Fri 3/27/15 9:12 AM Last edited Mon 3/30/15 9:33 AM
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Marcus Demas Fri 3/27/15 9:17 AM Last edited Fri 3/27/15 9:19 AM

Up to ten baselines can be applied to a project plan.

Much like the baseline applied to the entire project, this will take a snapshot of the items in the plan as they were when the baseline was applied. You can then right click on the columns to edit which columns are displayed. There are baseline related columns that would be helpful to display. Baseline variance is an example of one that should be displayed. 

You can then decide which baseline is active by clicking on the baseline button. Once the columns are dictated, they will display the differences between the current state of the project plan vs the state of the plan as it was when that active baseline was taken.

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