How many Licenses do Users with both a TDNext Security Role as well as a Ticketing Application Security Role Consume?

If I have ten active Users with TDNext Security Roles that are consuming Licenses, and then five of those Users also have a License associated with them within their respective ticketing application, how many total Licenses are being consumed by the ten people in my instance of TD?

Tags security-roles segmentation ticketing
Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 2/19/15 11:24 AM Last edited Thu 2/19/15 11:29 AM
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Answer (1)

Marcus Demas Thu 2/19/15 11:26 AM

In the situation given, there are only ten Licenses actually being consumed from a contractual License agreement standpoint. The Licenses that are being associated to Users who have been added to ticketing applications are ignored during License audits, and are there strictly to allow in granularity in the permissions each User has within their respective ticketing application. 

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