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I can't seem to find where to create a project template. Sadly, I have done this before. I also don't see the templates section in the admin panel anymore. I can still access templates fro the projects section, but there isn't a new section.

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Asked by Vernon Ferrell on Tue 2/10/15 9:34 AM
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Drake Sigler Tue 2/10/15 11:54 AM

Hi Vernon,

That is correct. Project Templates are created in the "Project Templates" application.

Keep in mind that you must have the "Project Templates" application enabled on your user account in order to access the application.

I should also note that you can only see/edit templates that you have created. You will not be able to edit global templates that others have created.

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Vernon Ferrell Tue 2/10/15 11:44 AM

I found it. It is in the hamburger menu under project templates. 

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