Web api Plans.Task.Resources is always empty?

I have not ever seen the web api Plans.Task.Resources array have any data in it, even when I can see a plan task through the api and I'm sure that the task has a resource assigned to it in the web-page user interface.

Is there some trick to seeing data in the Plans.Task.Resources array?

(I am retrieving tasks through the projects/{projectid}/plans/{planid}/tasks method.  The documentation doesn't seem to imply anything about what I'm seeing, or rather not seeing.)

Tags webapi API resources tasks
Asked by Jon Freed on Mon 2/9/15 5:05 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Wed 2/18/15 4:13 PM

Hi Jon,

That's certainly strange. I have merged this issue in with your ticket currently in flight about not seeing tasks on plans. We will take care of it there.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

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