Restricting Services to a Group

Hello, I'd like to get more information about configuring the visibility of a service in the service catalog. This relates to the question posed here: The answer stated "You can configure visibility of these services either on a white- or blacklist basis for a selected list of groups."

The only visibility option I see when setting up a service catalog category or service is "public". Can you point me to where I can configure the service to be available to a group? 


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Asked by Stacey Marriott on Mon 2/2/15 4:14 PM
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Answers (4)

Greg Van De Mark Wed 2/4/15 11:09 AM

You'll see this as you set up the service on the client side. most likely.

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Stacey Marriott Wed 2/4/15 11:28 AM

AHA! There it is. Thank you Greg. I'd watched two service catalog videos on community and searched and couldn't find that anywhere. I stopped poking on the client side when I didn't see that option for a category. 

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Stacey Marriott Wed 2/4/15 10:54 AM

Greg, I'm looking in Admin > Service Catalog, both Categories and Services. We have nothing for permissions in either of those screens. Not when creating a new one or editing. 


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Greg Van De Mark Wed 2/4/15 10:44 AM

Could you be confusing knowledge base articles with services?  In the service area, there is a "permissions" section where you can select groups and then either " (white list) or "Allow all individuals to use this service EXCEPT the associated groups below" (black list) them.

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