Cross-project report? To see dates from multiple project's plans within one report

We have many projects that are being executed.  I want to see a portfolio view of those projects in one place.  Not the projects that are planned, and not projects that are already completed, but the ones that are actually being executed right now.

I've been told that the only way to see what's in those individual projects' plans is to get added to each project as a resource and then go into each project's plan one at a time.  (Or perhaps access them one-at-a-time through code that calls the API; but regardless, still one-at-a-time.)

Is this correct?  Or is there a way to generate a report that shows all active project plans and their task and their dates?

Another way of looking at my request is this:  I want a master project that shows all projects as expandable line items within it.  I want to be able to filter the projects and tasks that are displayed by the project status (planned, in-progress, completed) and by the date range (only show tasks between two dates).

Please advise.  Thank you!

(I don't have admin rights.  I can work with our local TD administrator as needed on this, but I will need to tell them what steps to take if they need to do anything.)

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Asked by Jon Freed on Wed 1/28/15 9:28 AM
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Answers (2)

Drake Sigler Wed 1/28/15 12:24 PM

Hi Jon,

Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to create a "master" plan to conglomerate all plans into one for management purposes.

However, you can utilize the Portfolios functionality to get a top-down view of a group of projects from one location.

Portfolios will allow you to group multiple projects together for analysis and management purposes. You can manage portfolios in the Analysis application (assuming you have access to both Analysis and Portfolio Planning. Consult with your TeamDynamix administrators for more information on this). A portfolio will give you a way to report across multiple projects to see information like status, dates, cost, budgets, etc. A portfolio will not allow you to aggregate plans to view in such a micro scale, but it will provide a more macro view that can represent basic plan information like end dates, overall % complete, remaining hours, etc.

We have several videos and articles on Portfolio Management in our TeamDynamix Community. One such video that may be helpful can be found hereNote that you may need to log in to the TeamDynamix Community to view the video. If do not have an account in the Community, you can register for one here.

I hope this helps get you started with Portfolios! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Jon Freed Fri 1/30/15 2:00 PM

Drake - This was definitely helpful.  Thank you. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to go all the way to fulfilling our needs.  Perhaps the following is an enhancement request. 

The "Analysis" tab's "Active Projects Search" is great.  We like how we can use its "Filter > Layout" functionality to pull back nearly every available Project field without even having to run a report.  However, we don't see any way to pull back project "milestones" data.  Did we miss something?  More specifically, we would like to be able to pull back a filtered list of milestones for each project.  That will allow us to see the milestones with the same name that are in multiple projects.

For example, we could tell all of our project managers to have a least one milestone named "Go Live".  Then, we could use the Analysis tab to get a report that shows all of the upcoming project "Go Live" milestone dates.  Does this make sense?  It seems like very valuable functionality to have if it's not there already, hidden somewhere.

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