Categorize files when adding from Briefcase to File Cabinet

I am closing out a project - and would like to move my Briefcase Files to the File Cabinet

When I click on a file to add to the File Cabinet - the following directions are presented:

         Categorize this file by selecting the appropriate attributes from the choices below. Complete the process of adding this file to the file cabinet by pressing the Save button.

I have a save button, but no attributes.

How do I set up attributes - and how would I use those?

I have many files in a project briefcase.  How do they stay together in the File Folder?


Cindy Duggan     

Asked by Cindy Duggan on Wed 12/3/14 11:51 AM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Wed 12/3/14 4:35 PM

Hi Cindy,

You can add files to the file cabinet without configuring any attributes. If you would like to add custom attributes to your files in the file cabinet, they are configured in Admin -> Attributes -> File Cabinet Attributes. These attributes will only be available to files in the file cabinet. You can use these custom attributes when searching the file cabinet (Search -> Custom Fields) to help differentiate files between projects.

I hope this helps!

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