Importing Users using the import spreadsheet

I'm working on setting up the HR instance of TeamDynamix.  I'm going to import all of our users, and have all of the information needed for the Users tab in the import settings spreadsheet.  I have a default desktop that I'd like to assign to all of the users, and can't figure out where to get the DesktopDatabaseID.  Could you let me know where to find it, or provide it to me?

Asked by Darrell Duvall on Wed 11/26/14 2:40 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Wed 11/26/14 3:17 PM

Hi Darrell,

The DesktopDatabaseID is located in the url of the desktop detail page (after the "ID" parameter) in Admin -> Desktops -> [Desktop] -> General tab

I hope this helps!

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