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I have been trying to create a ticket with the SOAP API, with some custom attributes defined for that ticket.  The ticket is created fine, no error message.  I can see the ticket from within TeamDynamix after I have created it.  However, I don't see the custom attribute listed.  I can go into TeamDynamix, edit the ticket to set the custom attribute and then I will see it in the ticket display.  However, when I try to set it through the API, it doesn't seem to work.  I am pretty sure I am setting the xml correctly (<customAttributes>...</customAttributes>) and I am pretty sure that I have the correct attribute ID.
The section I put into the ticket creation xml is as follows.  It is a multiselect, but I only put it in with 1 string value to test.
            <string>Admissions - Durham</string>
Any help would be appreciated.  I know the SOAP API is being deprecated and we do have plans to go to the REST API.  However, for now I would like to know how to make what I have work.
Any suggestions?  Thanks.
Asked by Suzanne Vogt on Tue 11/25/14 11:38 AM
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Drake Sigler Mon 12/15/14 9:59 AM

Hi Suzanne,

There is a "CustomAttributes" collection on the TicketNew object (the object you pass into the CreateTicket method) that will allow you to include an array of "CustomAttribute" objects when creating a new ticket. These objects will translate into custom attributes selected on the ticket when it is created.

I hope this helps!

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Suzanne Vogt Mon 12/15/14 10:06 AM

Thanks for the input.  I have tried that on with the CreateTicket method with the xml as above and it didn't seem to work.  I must be doing something wrong but it looks ok to me.  I get no errors, but I do not see the values in the ticket, as well.


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