Workspaces - not available in certain reports

We are looking into using Workspaces to replace our operational projects but it appears they are not available for reporting on in all report data sources or in the Finance module (Time Status Report, Time Detail Report, etc.).  We do quite a bit of reporting on "Ops" projects. Is there a plan to add Workspaces to these areas and if so when would we be able to expect that?

Asked by Nancy Fisher on Fri 11/21/14 12:59 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Fri 11/21/14 2:04 PM

Hi Nancy,

We do plan to add workspace filtering to the Finance reports, but I do not have an estimated release date on that at this time.

Other than the finance reports, which other reports did you want to see workspace filtering? I want to make sure I capture the full request so we don't miss anything.

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