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We noticed this morning that our public desktops now appear within the Client portal. We were doing some testing with the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog and had things that were not ready for public use. We caught it early enough (we think) to remove the Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, and Questions apps from client access. Was this an update over the weekend? Were any other changes made?

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Asked by Karenna Wait on Mon 11/17/14 11:41 AM
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Answers (3)

Drake Sigler Mon 11/17/14 2:09 PM

Hi Karenna,

We did change the public desktop page over the weekend to be included in the Client Portal application collection. This change allows organizations utilizing Google Analytics to track public desktop views as well as Client Portal views.

Apologies for the inconvenience! 

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Karenna Wait Mon 11/17/14 12:26 PM

Hi Drake, 

Yes, I am talking about the public application settings for the client portal, but the issue is not that the apps reappeared. They were enabled as of this morning and I just disabled them because our public projects dashboard used to just be a dashboard, but now it is within the Client Portal. We have a link to this dashboard from our page and did not want our service catalog and knowledge base to be public (yet). We have not shared our client portal link with the public, but now that the dashboard is within the client, linking to a dashboard essentially links to the client. Does this make sense? 

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Drake Sigler Mon 11/17/14 12:20 PM

Hi Karenna,

Just to be clear, are we talking about the public application settings for the public client portal? You had the Knowledge Base, Service Catalog, and Questions apps disabled for public access through Admin -> Client Access -> Public Applications and they reappeared for public users this morning?

We noticed an issue with our public client desktop earlier today, but we have since resolved the issue and restored service. Are you still seeing any issues?

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