In TeamDynamix, can I do the same things in Chrome on Ubuntu (linux) that I can do in IE on Windows?

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Asked by Mike Rozycki on Fri 11/14/14 3:37 PM
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Alex Street Fri 11/14/14 3:49 PM

Hi Mike,

TeamDynamix does not officially support Chrome for Ubuntu.

However, most functionality in the system should generally work with the exception of Plan Manager and a few other smaller features. Plan Manager is based off of a Microsoft technology called Silverlight, which is not supported in Linux.

That being said, there is an open source implementation of Silverlight called Moonlight that you can try. Moonlight is not supported by TeamDynamix either, but some people have had mixed results with it.

For best results with the TeamDynamix system, try using it with one of the officially supported web supported browsers.

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