Custom Attributes???

I need some help getting started.  I am being asked to create tickets with custom attributes.  We are using the SOAP interface to teamdynamix for this.  I see in the data structure I use to create a ticket, there is an area for an array of custom attributes, id/value pairs.  I need to find out where these custom attributes are defined?  Is that when an id is assigned to them?  Is that through the TD administrator interface?   Is that when they get id values associated with them?  Then I assume I would use the id value to build a ticket with a custom attribute value associated with that id.  Is this about right?  

I need to learn more about teamdynamix, but when I look for documentation, I really cannot find much.

Can someone point me in the right direction so that I can learn about custom attributes?


Asked by Suzanne Vogt on Fri 11/14/14 3:08 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Mon 11/17/14 10:47 AM

Hi Suzanne,

Unfortunately we do not offer a way to manage (create, edit, delete) custom ticketing attributes through the API. The API will only allow you to change which attributes are available for each ticket.

Custom attributes are managed in Admin -> Tickets -> Attributes. Here you can create attributes, choose the type (dropdown, textbox, etc.), create the choices (if applicable), and set the associated ticket types. 

If you have any questions about attributes or how certain fields work, feel free to ask here in the questions system and I will help out any way I can!

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