If the Stakeholder section is activated, it seems to only be available for new requests or projects - is that true?

For existing project requests, will the Stakeholder section be active when the request is converted to a project?

Asked by Nancy Fisher on Fri 11/14/14 12:30 PM
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Drake Sigler Fri 11/14/14 3:40 PM

Hi Nancy,

When you enable the Stakeholders section on projects, requests, and for review, the section will only be available on new projects and requests going forward as the section is still disabled on the existing items. In order to activate them on existing items, you will need to activate the section on the individual project/request in Admin -> Projects -> [Project] -> Project Sections for projects or Admin -> Portfolio Planning -> Project Requests -> [Request] -> "Actions" -> "Change Request Sections" for requests.

I hope this helps!

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