Is there a way to disable the questions app?

Asked by Richard Musal on Wed 11/12/14 2:50 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 11/12/14 2:59 PM

Hi Richard,

Absolutely! In Admin -> Client Access you will see a series of checkboxes under "Public Applications". You can disable "Questions" here to remove it from the view of public (non-authenticated) users.

For logged in users, simply remove their access to the Questions application and they will no longer see it.

I hope this helps!

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This is out of date, please advise & correct! - Peter Mosinskis Thu 3/7/19 6:01 PM

Tristina Grywalski Thu 2/3/22 5:07 PM

This is an old article but it's a top result when you search for disable questions.  It appears the setting has moved into Security Roles for the Client Portal App.

  1. In TDAdmin, go to Applications > [Client Portal Application] > Users & Roles > Security Roles.
  2. Click the +New button to create a new security role or modify the Default security role The following permissions in the Edit Security Role window control your access to those sections in the Client Portal:
    • View Knowledge Base
    • View Projects/Workspaces
    • View and Ask Questions
    • View Service Catalog
  3. Click Save.

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I disabled "View and Ask Questions" for our base-level security role and verified that they can't see the "Questions" tab in the client portal. For some reason, on our enterprise licenses, even with this disabled, we still see the Questions tab. Is there another setting tied into viewing this? - Blake Lawhorne Thu 7/14/22 4:42 PM
Yes, your client portal-specific security roles contain the user-level access to the Questions app. You need to remove that permission also (and have affected users sign out of TDX and sign back in) to remove it entirely from everyone's access. - Mark Sayers Thu 7/14/22 4:59 PM

Peter Mosinskis Thu 3/7/19 6:01 PM

Where is this located now? This response is out of date

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Hi Peter,

Due to the age that some questions in the system may have, and the number of questions that exist in the forums, there can be no way to keep them all up to date, so they are not monitored or updated as the system changes.

That being said, You can go to Admin > Organization Settings > Site Settings and scroll down to find the Client Portal application visibility settings.

Mark Sayers
TD Support
- Mark Sayers Fri 3/8/19 8:53 AM