Can you turn a request or incident into a knowledge base article

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Asked by Jason Ehmann on Tue 11/11/14 6:28 PM Last edited Tue 11/11/14 6:31 PM
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Jason Ehmann Tue 11/11/14 6:28 PM Last edited Tue 11/11/14 6:29 PM

Requests can be turned into a knowledge base article while completing an “Update” of that item (service requests, incident, problem, or change).  During the update, you will see a field at the very bottom of the page that allows you to create an KB article from the item. The article will pull in the description from the item as well as the latest comments being added during the update.  See the "update page" screen shot below:


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Is there an easy way to go directly to the new KB article after saving the update? - Mike Chalenburg Thu 6/13/19 6:50 PM
The system doesn't take you directly to the new article, no, but it does associate that article to the ticket automatically. You should be able to just look at the Knowledge Base Article section of the ticket's details area to find it. The article will carry its title from the title of the ticket. - Mark Sayers Fri 6/14/19 8:43 AM