Is there a way to turn off autofill in a form field?

I have a client facing form.  I want to see if there is a way to have the Assets/CI field so that it will not allow you to type into it, but instead forces you to click the search button and search in the pop up window.  Is this possible?

Asked by Richard Musal on Fri 11/7/14 4:05 PM
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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 6:15 PM

Sounds good thanks!

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Drake Sigler Fri 11/7/14 6:13 PM

Hi Richard,

This sounds more in-depth than what we can accomplish in the questions system. I have forwarded  your ticket to the services department to have someone sit down with you and really get to the crux of the situation. If you decide together that more functionality is required to accomplish your needs then we will go from there.

If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 5:58 PM

Would this be something to convert to a feature request for consideration?

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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 5:57 PM

I actually put in an incident request for the thing that brought up a lot of these questions.

It also comes up in one of the other questions I posted.

I am trying to do a software request form through TD.

Utilizing Assets I figured I could list currently installed software in Assets.  

One of the fields of my form is to choose software from the list if this is an upgrade.

When you type into the list everything shows not just the software.

One idea was that if there was no auto fill it would not matter as much that there is more than just software listed there.


I would like to meet with someone to show them what I developed and get advice on if I implemented it the best way possible utilizing TD.

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Drake Sigler Fri 11/7/14 5:53 PM

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to turn off the type-ahead functionality or our lookups. What struggle are you facing that makes you want to turn off the type-ahead?

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