How do we pass metadata via a link to fill out a field?

So if I make a client facing form, how do I connect that form to another system via a link.  That other system sends metadata over via the link to TD which fills in the form automatically.

Asked by Richard Musal on Fri 11/7/14 4:01 PM
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Drake Sigler Fri 11/7/14 6:10 PM

Hi Richard,

That makes sense.We have API methods that can be used to create tickets with the control to edit any of the fields you like. The documentation for the API can be found here:

Keep in mind that we can provide technical support for the API itself, but not any software created using the API.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 6:12 PM

I will forward along


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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 5:47 PM

API is probably what we are looking for.  Could we do this through an API?

So basically in a different system user requests microsoft office, that somehow connects to TD and in the software title field it would say Office, in the manufacturer field it would say microsoft, in the version field 2013, etc.

Does that make sense?

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Drake Sigler Fri 11/7/14 5:44 PM

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately we currently do not have a way to wire up that sort of linkage since forms are very fluid and that sort of linkage would be very brittle and hard to maintain.

However, you can set default values on your request forms in order to "pre-fill" some of the data on a form and you can put links out to the service where the user can make the request. Users will be required to log in in order to make the request.

What sort of linkage are you looking to make? Is there a way you could utilize the API to create requests programmatically from a link?

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