What happens when SSO goes down? Can users still access TD?

To clarify.  Currently we are SaaS customers.  We are working on getting shibboleth up and running.  Once we do all of our clients will be able to login via SSO.  The question is, once we have SSO online, if our SSO goes down, can customers still login to TD?

In other words.  User logs in for the first time, there SSO credentials pass over to TD?  When they go back to TD if SSO is down, can they login since they have logged in before?


Asked by Richard Musal on Fri 11/7/14 3:54 PM
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Drake Sigler Fri 11/7/14 5:39 PM

Hi Richard,

Users will still be able to access www.teamdynamix.com and log in with their TeamDynamix username and password (not the auth name, but the regular user name). However, since they will not be accessing TeamDynamix through your custom domain, they will not have access to any custom client portal styles.

I hope this helps!

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Richard Musal Fri 11/7/14 5:45 PM

Thanks Drake!

I'll let you know if my team has any follow up questions.

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