What are the minimum requirements for a KB article to appear in a New Incident?

When inserting the service with associated articles, or typing into the Title or Description fields, what at minimum does it take for a KB article to appear in the top right of the ticket? A few conditions that come to mind might be an article that is Approved, and Published to the KB. Is this a proper understanding? Or are there other circumstances in which KB articles could appear in the top right of a New Incident. 

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Asked by Marcus Demas on Fri 11/7/14 10:08 AM Last edited Fri 11/7/14 1:21 PM
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Drake Sigler Mon 11/17/14 9:50 AM Last edited Thu 4/23/15 10:35 AM

Hi Marcus,

Knowledge Base articles will be suggested to you when creating new tickets when the following criteria are met:

  1. You have a service with associated Knowledge Base articles selected in the new ticket "Service" field
  2. You enter a title or description for the new ticket. This text will act as "search" text. For example, if a service has two articles - "abc" and "123" - adding a title for the new ticket of "abc", the "abc" article will be suggested but not "123".
  3. The articles associated with the selected service have a status of "Approved" and are published.
  4. The user creating the new ticket has access to the Knowledge Base application

I hope this helps!

EDIT: As of version 9.0, there will now be a search box at the top-right of the New Ticket page that will allow you to search the KB as a whole from the ticket creation page rather than just showing the limited list of articles associated to the service. This search box will only appear if you have access to the KB application and the KB Article field is available on the ticketing form (this part is only a concern if you are utilizing custom internal forms). 

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