Does TeamDynamix offer a mobile app?

Asked by Ryan Murphy on Thu 11/6/14 10:41 AM Last edited Thu 11/6/14 10:44 AM
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Donald Brown Sat 6/25/16 10:56 PM

There is a certain feel and ease of access that is available via apps that is generally missing from mobile sites. Sure, the mobile site can look "mobile", but a lot can break in browser, especially mobile experiences. Truly, some of what can break lies in the hands of the browser's developer, but I'd hardly expect users to spend a great deal of time trying mobile browsers just to get one site to work.


Please reconsider developing mobile apps. I'll happily help with beta testing.

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Ryan Murphy Thu 11/6/14 10:43 AM Last edited Fri 11/7/14 1:17 PM

TeamDynamix provides Internal users access to a work management specific mobile website that is agnostic to the user's mobile operating system (iOS or Android).

Additionally, The Client Portal is completely touch screen compliant and also implements a responsive design that allows it to be utilized on whichever device that the user would like to use.

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Peter Mosinskis Wed 6/5/19 2:10 PM

Is this still accurate? Does TeamDynamix still not have a dedicated/native mobile app for iOS and Android? 

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Hi Peter, it's still accurate at this point, yes. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/19 2:33 PM

David Durling Wed 7/19/17 10:45 AM

I was asked if there was mobile app for TD.  Is this still in the works, perhaps for 2018?

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Mark Sayers Mon 6/27/16 9:33 AM

Hi Donald,

We are actually going to be releasing a new version of our web app along with our version 9.4 release on August 6th which should improve the experience for our clients.

Also, we are in research mode to develop a native app.

Your mobile device's browser should allow you to add a button on your home screen that will take you directly to our site. That will at least increase the speed with which you can log into and access your TDX information. The option to add to Home screen should be in your browser's settings menu, but this is dependent on the type of device and the browser being used.

I hope I have outlined our immediate plans for our web app, as well as the plans to develop a native app for a future release. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.

Mark Sayers

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