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Hello TDx,

Can you please let me know how long is the expiration date for TD Desktops public URL?
After the expiration date, what would it happen with the URL? Does it get replace?

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Asked by Carmen Villen Puerto on Mon 11/3/14 9:30 AM
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Drake Sigler Mon 11/3/14 9:35 AM

Hi Carmen,

Public reports will be available for 30 days upon making them public. Once the 30 days has passed, the link will lead to a dead-end page, indicating that the report has expired. At this point, you must manually reinstate the report's public status in order to receive a new link and restore functionality.

In 8.6, users with an Enterprise or "+ reporting" license type will be able to view reports made visible to them through the client portal. They will be required to log in to view these reports, but you will not have to worry about refreshing public urls.

I hope this helps!

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