Release 9.0 Ticketing: How to assign a security role to a ticketing application?

I know this is probably staring me right in the face but I cannot figure out how to do this.  I setup a new ticketing application (Technical Services Ticket Management) and I can view it as an option to select under user applications but there is nothing in the drop down for security role and I cannot save without selecting a security role.  I am attempting to do this for my user account, nafisher, and I am assigned the role TD-Enterprise: Administrator.  It seems that security roles would be associated with ticketing application(s) so they would be listed in the drop down but I'm cannot see where.

Asked by Nancy Fisher on Fri 10/31/14 3:09 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Fri 10/31/14 3:48 PM

Hi Nancy,

You must create separate security roles for each ticketing app in Admin -> Ticketing Applications -> [Your App] -> Security Roles.

Once you have at least one role created there, you will be able to select one in your applications list.

I hope this helps!

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