Question about removing user from workspace

I have a single "operations" workspace where I allocate 50% of available time for all employees. I am trying to determine the best way to handle employees who leave. Ideally, I would like to remove them from the workspace, but the options for deleting/delegating all associated materials has me concerned. What exactly gets deleted or delegated? The help text doesn't make this very clear to me.

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Asked by Ken McCrery on Fri 10/31/14 1:38 PM
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Drake Sigler Fri 10/31/14 2:13 PM

Hi Ken,

Deleting/delegating when removing a resource from a workspace or project will only affect items for which the user is primarily responsible or had created. For example, tasks and issues where the person is primarily responsible will be deleted/delegated as well as files, contacts, and events that the resource created. Schedules will not be reassigned when delegating unless you are managing by plan, then all the task assignments will be delegated and those will be accounted into schedules, 

I hope this helps!

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