How do you address feedback to a Knowledgebase article?

I noticed that when I go to knowledgebase I can click on feedback and see all of the feedback left by users.  I noticed there is a category Addressed and all are listed as No.  How do I address comments/feedback so that I can quickly get to ones not yet addressed?

Asked by Richard Musal on Tue 10/28/14 10:02 AM
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Answers (2)

Richard Musal Tue 10/28/14 12:52 PM

Got it 

You rule!


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Drake Sigler Tue 10/28/14 12:23 PM

Hi Richard,

The ability to address feedback is dictated by a permission on the security role called "Address Feedback". Users with this permission can address feedback on the article detail page, next to the feedback entry at the bottom.

I hope this helps!

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