Please explain the differences between license types.

I was looking for a definition for the various license types.  For example, what is the difference between a Team Member and Team Member + Reporting.  I tried to figure that out using a "test user" account but it really wasn't apparent what report access given.  The "Help" didn't have anything regarding this either.  

Asked by Nancy Fisher on Thu 10/23/14 10:38 AM
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John O'Connor Thu 10/23/14 2:54 PM Last edited Wed 3/9/16 2:55 PM

As you noticed, there are several new license types that end in "+ reporting" that have been added to the system.

The "+ reporting" license adds a "Reporting" tab to the client portal for any users who has been given that security role.  The "Reporting" tab give users who have the "+ Reporting" license type the ability to view and download (via excel) reports from the client portal without the need to login to TDNext and without the need to have access to the analysis application.

In order to use the "+ Reporting" license:

--First create a security role and then attach a "+ Reporting" license type to the newly created security role.  

--Then, place a checkmark in the box next to "View Reports in Client Portal" in the Security Roles Screen under the "All" heading.

--In analysis, any report  that you create that you would like this user to see in the portal should have the "Me and the people in these groups" option selected under the "Set the visibility of this report" section.  You would want to select the group that the user with the "+ Reporting" license is a part of (or create a group for these individual).

--The "+ Reporting" users would then see all reports that have been published to them in the client portal.

Please keep in mind that a "+ Reporting" license costs $120 per license per year.  This is a new feature that we have rolled out.  

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