What would be affected if we changed the project type of a Project Request once it landed in a 2nd workflow?

If I am doing a nested workflow where once we get through one work flow we dump it into another, what would happen if we changed the project type once it landed in the 2nd workflow? What would be affected? just reporting? Would all the other information we inputted stay?

Asked by Marcus Demas on Mon 10/20/14 12:16 PM
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Marcus Demas Mon 10/20/14 12:17 PM

The short answer to your question is only reporting would be affected and nothing else.

Changing project type does not change any of the other actions within the request process. In fact if you change the request type to another project type that has its own nested workflow it is required to go through the manual staff of a signing into that work flow.
Our philosopy as to why that is centers on the thought that certain workflow steps may have occurred that have prompted the change in project type. Therefore, we want those workflow steps to finish so as to fully capture any reasoning behind it.
Remember that if you reassign a request to another project type it will not automatically flow into any default workflow.
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