What license type does the TeamDynamix "email user" account need? (client, team member, PM, Tech, Enterprise etc...)

When setting up the user account used for TeamDynamix email service what license type to they need?

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Asked by Kent Hoeg on Wed 10/15/14 3:04 PM
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Answers (2)

Marcus Demas Mon 10/20/14 9:45 AM

We typically see that Clients will set the Email Service up with an Enterprise User License to ensure there are no complications. As Drake said, since we do not charge for Licenses that are associated with the Email Service, there is no hard in doing so. Since the Email Service could also be appending messages onto Project related items as well, the Email Service User would then need access to Project related Apps as well. Hence why we usually see that User with a free Enterprise License. 

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Drake Sigler Thu 10/16/14 4:55 PM

Hi Kent,

The email user will need access to the Tickets application and the ability to create tickets. However, we do not charge for licenses attached to email and API users.

I hope this helps!

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