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Good Morning,

As we are continuing our testing and implementation of TeamDynamix we have found that functional roles are automatically added to each account which is becoming problematic as we explore the capacity planner and reports. We would like to be able to add and remove functional roles from accounts via the API if possible as there are several employees and users that we would like to NOT show up on the capacity reports and planner. Is this something that would be possible to implement or do you have an alternate solution available?

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Asked by Nate Swanson on Mon 10/13/14 4:07 PM
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Drake Sigler Mon 10/13/14 4:13 PM Last edited Tue 10/14/14 2:48 PM

Hi Nate,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Apologies for the inconvenience.

It is currently not possible to edit the functional role through the API. However, I have entered an enhancement request with you as the requestor to have that added.

The default functional role has always been applied to new users and, unfortunately, we do not plan to change that in the near future.

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