Notification to resource pool manager when chaning Resource Request Scheduled Hours for an outstanding request

Hi TD,
Can you confirm if resource pool manager get notified when scheduled requested hours are changed for a project manager for an outstanding resource request?

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Asked by Carmen Villen Puerto on Fri 10/10/14 1:41 PM
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Answers (2)

Drake Sigler Fri 10/10/14 2:21 PM

Hi Carmen,

I'd like to clarify my answer from before:

You cannot edit the schedule of a resource who has an outstanding resource request from the Resources tab in project management. You can, however, edit the schedule on the actual resource request itself in Resource Management. This will send a "Resource Request Edited" notification to the reviewer of the resource request (the resource pool manager, in most cases). 

Apologies for the confusion! I hope this helps.

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Drake Sigler Fri 10/10/14 1:41 PM

Hi Carmen,

You cannot edit a resource's schedules when there is an outstanding resource request pending approval for that resource. Once a schedule has been created for a resource that requires approval, that schedule will not be available to edit until the request has been addressed.

I hope this helps!

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